Freemason adultery

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Freemason adultery

Hi, I'm currently dating a 32 year old Mason and I wanted to know, is it true all Mason men are married or have to be already married to be a member of the fraternity? Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to Answers 2 Your? Mason Men In Marriage by Jessica Sykes Dallas, Texas Hi, I'm currently dating a 32 year old Mason and I wanted to know, is it true all Mason men are married or have to be already married to be a member of the fraternity?

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Jul 29, Rating Masons can be single by: Anonymous Masons have no marriage requirement at all, nor do you need to become an Eastern Star after your marriage. Sep 13, Rating cheating by: Anonymous What are the grounds if a married mason man cheats on his wife? The only requirement for Masonic affiliation is if a woman wants to jointhe Order of the Eastern Star. There must a mason amongst her husband, father, grandfather. M Lodge in Houston, Tx. I found out that he's been cheating on myself with another sister, not sure what lodge she's in!

This guy has some serious issues, biplor could be the cause and you know the saying most cowboys seem to be cheaters as well.

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My advice to you is good luck and be careful. If you decide to become an Eastern Star don't put your heart into the Brothers! Sep 18, Rating Cheating Masons by: Anonymous Frankly, if a Mason cheats on his wife he's doing everything that he shouldn't be doing. That man has problems If there are doubts based on his personality, don't. I am very open about my masonic commitments although the secrets i am privy to remain for when i am with other masons.

Aug 24, Rating bad experience with masion by: Anonymous Iam not a masionI dated a masioniam and artist and gave him art oil paint who made love to meand deceitfully implemented ,masion marrrage valued durring the love making,this was with out my knowlage,I feel violated ,the he implmated this ,and this was a style of married mason couple ,I feel violated that he did this ,he left me with no just reason ,shortly after that ,and discovered this information after he leftobvious his lodge practice is currpt?

Dec 22, Rating??? I am really sorry, but beyond your having had an affair with a Mason who left you, I simply cannot fathom what it is you are talking about. If your having had a failed relationship with a Mason means to you that the entire practice of Freemasonry is corrupt, then consider that people in failed relationships have also been doctors, plumbers, artists, secretaries, merchants, firemen, pilots, university professors and a thousand other groups. Are they all 'currpt' too?

Freemasonry does not approve of extramarital affairs, nor of any other immoral act.The division of wrongs, by the writers on municipal law, into private and public, or civil injuries and crimes and misdemeanors, does not apply to the jurisprudence of Freemasonry. Here all wrongs are crimes, because they are a violation of the precepts of the institution; and an offense against an individual is punished, not so much because it is a breach of his private rights, as because it affects the well-being of the whole masonic community.

In replying to the question, "what are masonic crimes?

freemason adultery

These give a concise, but succinct summary of the duties of a Mason, and, of course, whatever is a violation of any one of these duties will constitute a masonic crime, and the perpetrator will be amenable to masonic punishment. But before entering on the consideration of these penal offenses, it will be well that we should relieve the labor of the task, by inquiring what crimes or offenses are not supposed to come within the purview of masonic jurisprudence.

Religion and politics are subjects which it is well known are stringently forbidden to be introduced into Masonry. And hence arises the doctrine, that Masonry will not take congnizance of religious or political offenses. Heresy, for instance, is not a masonic crime. Masons are obliged to use the words of the Old Charges, "to that religion in which all men agree, leaving their particular opinions to themselves;" and, therefore, as long as a Mason acknowledges his belief in the existence of one God, a lodge can take no action on his peculiar opinions, however heterodox they may be.

In like manner, although all the most ancient and universally-received precepts of the institution inculcate obedience to the civil powers, and strictly forbid any mingling in plots or conspiracies against the peace and welfare of the nation, yet no offense against the state, which is simply political in its character, can be noticed by a lodge. On this important subject, the Old Charges are remarkably explicit. They say, putting perhaps the strongest case by way of exemplifying the principle, "that if a Brother should be a rebel against the State, he is not to be countenanced in his rebellion, however he may be pitied as an unhappy man; and, if convicted of no other crime, though the loyal Brotherhood must and ought to disown his rebellion, and give no umbrage or ground of political jealousy to the government for the time being, they cannot expel him from the lodge, and his relation to it remains indefeasible.

The first charge says: "a Mason is obliged by his tenure to obey the moral law. If such, then, be the meaning of the moral law, and if every Mason is by his tenure obliged to obey it, it follows, that all such crimes as profane swearing or great impiety in any form, neglect of social and domestic duties, murder and its concomitant vices of cruelty and hatred, adultery, dishonesty in any shape, perjury or malevolence, and habitual falsehood, inordinate covetousness, and in short, all those ramifications of these leading vices which injuriously affect the relations of man to God, his neighbor, and himself, are proper subjects of lodge jurisdiction.

Whatever moral defects constitute the bad man, make also the bad Mason, and consequently come under the category of masonic offenses.

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The principle is so plain and comprehensible as to need no further exemplification. It is sufficient to say that, whenever an act done by a Mason is contrary to or subsersive of the three great duties which he owes to God, his neighbor, and himself, it becomes at once a subject of masonic investigation, and of masonic punishment.

But besides these offenses against the universal moral law, there are many others arising from the peculiar nature of our institution. Among these we may mention, and in their order, those that are enumerated in the several sections of the Sixth Chapter of the Old Charges.

These are, unseemly and irreverent conduct in the lodge, all excesses of every kind, private piques or quarrels brought into the lodge; imprudent conversation in relation to Masonry in the presence of uninitiated strangers; refusal to relieve a worthy distressed Brother, if in your power; and all "wrangling, quarreling, back-biting, and slander. The lectures in the various degrees, and the Ancient Charges read on the installation of the Master of a lodge, furnish us with other criteria for deciding what are peculiarly masonic offenses.

All of them need not be detailed; but among them may be particularly mentioned the following: All improper revelations, undue solicitations for candidates, angry and over-zealous arguments in favor of Masonry with its enemies, every act which tends to impair the unsullied purity of the Order, want of reverence for and obedience to masonic superiors, the expression of a contemptuous opinion of the original rulers and patrons of Masonry, or of the institution itself; all countenance of impostors; and lastly, holding masonic communion with clandestine Masons, or visiting irregular lodges.

From this list, which, extended as it is, might easily have been enlarged, it will be readily seen, that the sphere of masonic penal jurisdiction is by no means limited. It should, therefore, be the object of every Mason, to avoid the censure or reproach of his Brethren, by strictly confining himself as a point within that circle of duty which, at his first initiation, was presented to him as an object worthy of his consideration.

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Full text of " Ellen G. Freemasons and occultists do at times use Bible terms, texts and expressions. But the Bible does not use Masonic and occult terminology neither would a prophet of God.

Why is it then that Ellen White, the prophet of the Seventh Day Adventist church whose writings are supposedly inspired by God uses terms that you cannot find in the Bible but are used freely in both Freemasonry and the occult?

The following quotations with their highlighted terms show Ellen White's conscious or unconscious connection with Freemasonry. William Miller who had been a Baptist was also a Freemason and that of the highest degree.

There is no evidence that he ever saw any conflict between his Christian belief and his being a Freemason on the contrary. William Miller had been the instigator of the Millerite Movement which believed and declared that Jesus would come back in It was around the time of the Millerite movement that Freemasonry practically went underground because of antimasonic warfare.

From the evidences that are now coining to light it appears that Masonic and occult ideas resurfaced clothed as an angel of light after the disappointment.


From the quotations found below it becomes clear that Mrs White and her husband James and others continued the work that William Miller had commenced. That there is a very definite connection is not only found in Mrs White's writings and other Adventist Writings but can also be seen by the obelisk placed on the White burial plot and which had been placed there in Ellen White's lifetime and with her knowledge. White: "The holy Watcher from heaven is present at this season communion service to make it one of soul searching, of conviction of sin, and of the blessed assurance of sins forgiven.

Christ in the fullness of His grace is there to change the current of the thoughts that have been running in selfish channels. The Holy Spirit quickens the sensibilities of those who follow the example of their Tord. Ellen G. White: "Every nation that has come upon the stage of action has been permitted to occupy its place on the earth, that it might be seen whether it would fulfil the purpose of "the Watcher and the Holy One.

With each of these, as with nations of less power, history repeated itself. Each had its period of test, each failed, its glory faded, its power departed, and its place was occupied by another.

White: "That same Holy Watcher who says, "I know Abraham, " knew Cornelius also, and sent His angel with a message to the man who had received and improved all the light God had given him. The angel said, "Thy prayers and thine alms are come up for a memorial before God. And now send men to Joppa, and call for one Simon, whose surname is Peter.The Masonic Trowel. List of Contributors.

freemason adultery

With this kind of obtuse dull and insensitive thinking, we find things permitted within the Lodge which are strictly forbidden in the Christians life. Notice some of these practices and ask yourself whether they are moral or not: a. There is no evidence anywhere, that he is expected to try and find out if this relationship exists.

It makes the guilt for adultery committed, the fault of the woman, rather than of her Masonic seducer. In all cases where the Master Mason does not know she is related to another Master Mason, or when she is not, the Master Mason is considered innocent, even if his act is an act of rape against her will.

To him, she is "nothing but a piece of meat," to be used anyway the Mason desires. What a travesty of decency and justice this is; what a contravention of Christian morality. Yet it is considered the sacred right by many men, who live under the protective screen of Freemasonry. In all cases of immorality, not covered by his oath, the Mason is absolved of guilt, since he is only following the dictates and inclination of his "natural self," which is the deity he worships.

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Matthew tells us: "NO man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon. This site is not an official site of any recognized Masonic body in the United States or elsewhere. It is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinion of Freemasonry, nor webmaster nor those of any other regular Masonic body other than those stated.

Search Website For. Add To Favorites. PDF This File. Print This Page. Email This Site To Gordon "Jack" Mohr With this kind of obtuse dull and insensitive thinking, we find things permitted within the Lodge which are strictly forbidden in the Christians life.Graham frequently engages in Christian revival tours and political commentary. Graham became a "committed Christian" in and was ordained inand has since become a public speaker and author.

He is a son of the American evangelist Billy Graham. He is the fourth of their five children. He finished high school in North Carolina. InGraham attended LeTourneau College in Longview, Texasand was expelled from the school for keeping a female classmate out past curfew. Graham and his wife have eleven grandchildren.

Graham began conducting events for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in and became the CEO in and its president in Shortly after identifying himself as having "become a Christian" inGraham joined Bob Piercefounder of Samaritan's Purseon a six-week mission to Asia.

Inafter the death of Pierce, he became the president of Samaritan's Purse. Graham now also serves as the organization's CEO, and heads efforts on behalf of the organization in more than countries, including programs such as Operation Christmas Child and the "Children's Heart Project". Most of this was the result of a new IRS rule that required him to re-report deferred retirement contributions that had already been reported over the previous three years.

In a March interview with NewsmaxGraham said the earthquake and tsunami in Japan "may be" the second coming and Armageddon. Graham, a supporter of the invasion of Iraqcame under criticism for comments he made about Islam in the wake of the September 11, attacks when he referred to Islam as "a very evil and wicked religion. You cannot murder your children if you think they've committed adultery or something like that, which they do practice in these other countries.

It's a religion of war. On Iraq, Graham says he is, "poised and ready" to send representatives of the charity he runs to Iraq as soon as possible. While the purpose is humanitarian aid, Graham also admits, "I believe as we work, God will always give us opportunities to tell others about his Son.

We are there to reach out to love them and to save them, and as a Christian, I do this in the name of Jesus Christ. The seed of Islam is passed through the father like the seed of Judaism is passed through the mother. He was born a Muslim, his father gave him an Islamic name.

freemason adultery

That's what he says he has done. I cannot say that he hasn't. So I just have to believe that the president is what he has said. The Muslim Brotherhood is very strong and active in our country. It's infiltrated every level of our government. Right now we have many of these people that are advising the US military and State Department on how to respond in the Middle East, and it's like asking a fox, like a farmer asking a fox, "How do I protect my henhouse from foxes?

And many of these people we've brought in, I'm afraid, are under the Muslim Brotherhood. In an open-letter response, Graham apologized to President Obama, stating: "I regret any comments I have ever made which may have cast any doubt on the personal faith of our president, Mr. The president has said he is a Christian and I accept that.

Graham has commented on Hinduism as well, saying, "no elephant with arms can do anything for me. None of their 9, gods is going to lead me to salvation".

When Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir was indicted by the International Criminal Court in MarchGraham argued in an op-ed in The New York Times that Bashir should not be indicted for alleged genocidal acts because the indictment would lead to the collapse of the peace agreement.

On President Obama, Graham said that he is "a fine man" but could not know whether the president was a Christian in his heart. We were disturbed and disappointed by statements made by Rev.

Graham and all Christian leaders to exemplify this essential teaching of Jesus and refrain from using Christianity as a weapon of political division. I am running a campaign to put God back in the political process. And I believe that at this election, God showed up.Articles Freemasons. By Teresa Morris.

Lewis Unequal Contenders in the Spiritual War. Emphasis added in bold letters. It does not meddle with sectarian creeds or doctrines, but teaches fundamental religious truth. Mackey, "Encyclopedia of Freemasonry," page Buck, "Mystic Masonry," page On the surface, Freemasonry looks wholesome. There is fellowship, loyalty, and the support of good causes such as burn units in hospitals. The masonic motto is "Making good men better". Few men understand what they are getting into when they become Masons.

Most Masons join because they trust friends, family members, or church members who invite them. Others join for business connections or political votes. Some men join because of masonic charities. Most men who join have no idea that, during their initiation, they will be required to make solemn blood oaths.

Prince Hall is a masonic order for black men. The Eastern Star is an auxiliary organization for wives and adult daughters of Masons. These are known as "adoptive" masonry, which means that wives, sisters, daughters and sons of Masons are spiritually adopted into the masonic order.

Most Lodge leaders do not realize that they are deceiving their members. For the most part, they are simply reciting the same things they have heard and said, over and over, assuming that they are right and good.

However, the Princes and Adepts of Freemasonry deliberately deceive the Masons under them.

freemason adultery

See Tom C. McKenney, "Please Tell Me Masons take blood oaths, but are told that they are only symbolic. They participate in rituals that they don't understand, assuming that they must be alright because their masonic friends have done it.

This paper contains quotations which would shock most Masons because they have never read what the highest Masons say about Freemasonry. Masonry is a system that confuses, deceives and controls men, getting them to do things that they would not do if they understood them.

Caught On Video: Man Hurls Incendiary Device At Masonic Hall In Chelsea

The highest-level Masons Princes and Adepts deliberately deceive the Masons under them. For example, Albert Pike was one of the highest authorities in American Masonry. His book "Morals and Dogma" is given to men when they reach the 32nd degree. The following quotations from Pike's "Morals and Dogma" show that Masons of the highest level deliberately deceive the Masons below them.

It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. It is difficult for a man to turn away from Freemasonry because of the many blood oaths which he has made in order to obtain his degrees. Furthermore, he has invested a lot of time, effort and money into Masonry, and many of his friendships and business connections are with fellow Masons.

Freemasonry is a religion. Masons meet in temples, such as the Scottish Rite Temple. They have an altar and there is a "holy book" on it. They have prayers, deacons, and religious titles for their leaders, such as High Priest and Worshipful Master. They say that they bring men from spiritual darkness to spiritual light.Freemasonry: character-building brotherhood, or demonic cult? Yet this is a cult that all should be aware of, in view of its considerable infiltration into society at all levels and through the centuries.

Your life is probably influenced by masonic doctrines whether or not you are aware of it. Masons look after their own, capable of believing themselves above the law. It is as a Christian however that my main concerns are voiced on this page. Freemasonry has proved itself attractive to believers in many religions or no religion.

Boris Johnson

There are bishops who are masons. It is my belief that there is no way a serious Christian can reconcile freemasonry with Christanity unless he has been hoodwinked. Some of today's liberals within the Christian umbrella are working along a parallel course with masonry; indeed liberalism in the church could have arisen partly through the influence of freemasonry. The majority of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree masons are not bad people; they have been deceived.

It is almost impossible for them to understand this that they are deceived. The design of the system is deliberate so that they, appearing and believing themselves innocent will attract others to the lodge.

Masons are not permitted to practise Christianity openly in their lodges or promote the lordship of Jesus. They must give equal weight to all religions in the overall scheme of things.

Masonry is not so much a cult ie something masquerading as Christianity but using a modified Bible as a pagan religion. What they do practise in the lodge is a series of rather revolting initiation rites for each level that frankly no rational human being should be subjected to - yet they do it. The Church of England has declared freemasonry heretical.

Freemasonry has been exposed by many, and today the Internet offers a platform accessible to all to state such views. This web page repeats a selection of statements made by Christians who have come into contact with masonry, particularly Jack Harris, whose book "Freemasonry: the invisible cult in our midst", ISBN published inis an excellent source, Harris having risen to be "Worshipful Master" of a masonic lodge, but who finally separated himself from freemasonry when its contradictions with Christianity became too much for him to bear.

Selwyn Stephens' booklet "Unmasking Freemasonry" is an excellent resource to explain freemasonry to people considering joining, and to practising masons who may well be ignorant of the unsavoury elements of freemasonry.

My main motivation is to reach Christians to warn them not to be be influenced by the misguided yet good and true pillars of society who have become masons, and believe masonry to be compatible with their Christian beliefs. Are these characteristics that you would want to foster? Freemasonry is a series of ritually systematic demonization procedures.


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